Best Vinius sight on a boat trip!

You are visiting Vilnius and want to see a city from a diferent point of view? We offer you wonderful boat trip in Vilnius. This is a new experience, unique views and romance in a small, cozy and luxurious Party Boats board.

Trips navigates on Neris river, so you will see a bit of the wild at the same city, as well as the city center, which bisects the river. While on board, you will be able to enjoy music, good company, snack, so it's a great place for a larger group of friends, a business lunch or as part of the Vilnius city tour.

We offer you:

  • Day or night trip in Vilnius
  • 1 h, 2 h or a longer trip
  • Comfortable boat up to 15 person
  • The experienced captain service
  • The ability to bring your own food and drinks


Words is not all - need to see our ship. Explore our photo gallery of our sails. Photographs of our ship, as well as sights that you will see sailing.


  • 1 hour tour - 65 €
  • 2 hours tour - 120 €
  • 3 hours tour - 170 €
  • 1 hour downtime - 45 €

Contact us

  • Tel. +370 645 43456
  • Email